100+ Best Valentine's Day Captions And Quotes For Your Next Instagram Post (2024)

Valentine’s Day is about love: love for your partner, love for your friends and family, and love for yourself. Whether it’s romantic, funny, or cute, find the perfect caption or quote to go with that picture.

February 14 means lots of hearts, flowers, and candy. Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love to those who are closest to you. Look for photo opportunities on your date, hanging out with your friends, or just living your best life by yourself. There’s no need to limit your message to your partner. Let your spouse, your loved one, your friend, or just your followers know what you’re feeling by pairing the right sentiment for your Instagram photo.

Love is sometimes hard to put into words, let these captions convey your mood. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, there’s a perfect caption for you to use. You can use these quotes on your social media captions, a text message, or a card.

Valentine’s Day Captions For Couples

“You are my person” – Unknown

“You + Me = Heart” – Unknown

“Love You Forever and Always” – Unknown

“You make me incredibly happy” – Unknown

“On cloud 9 with my Valentine” – Unknown

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite” – Unknown

“I’m so glad I found you” – Unknown

“Can’t help loving you” – Unknown

“Happy Love Day to my love” – Unknown

“Love, Kisses, and valentine wishes” – Unknown

“Sweets for my sweetie” – Unknown

“A day for my bae” – Unknown

“You are my greatest adventure” – The Incredibles

“I love you more each day” – Unknown

“My favorite place in the world is in your arms” – Unknown

“I like me better when I’m with you” -Lauv

“P.S. I Love You” – Unknown

“I ‘like’ like you” – Unknown

“All of me loves all of you”- John Legend

“You and me are meant to be” – Unknown

“Love conquers all” – Unknown

“I’m so happy that to meet someone that’s as weird as I am” – Unknown

“Just two crazy kids in love” – Unknown

“Every day with you is a gift” – Unknown

“I love you yesterday, I love you still. I always have. I always will” – Unknown

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Funny Valentine’s Day Captions For Instagram

“Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, Sunflowers Are Yellow, I bet you were expecting something romantic but these are just gardening facts” – Unknown

“The real holiday is February 15th, when all of the candy goes on sale” – Unknown

“Support the greeting card companies today, Happy Valentine’s Day” – Unknown

“Shout out to all of the last minute people buying stuff on Valentine’s Day, the struggle is real for you today” – Unknown

“If you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love, forget about it at a bar that you like.” – Unknown

“This year, rather than candy for your valentine, why not liquor instead?” – Unknown

“Anybody know where the cheapest place to buy a dozen red roses is?… asking for a friend.” – Unknown

“I bring my kids to a romantic restaurant on Valentine’s day as a birth control reminder to the other couples.” – Unknown

“Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.” — Jules Renard

“If you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love, celebrate it with alcohol and pizza.” – Unknown

“My love for you transcends all things so don’t expect a Valentine’s Day card or gift from me.” – Unknown

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” -Charles M. Schulz

“I just wanted to tell you, on this very special Valentine’s Day: I’m exceptionally thankful you lowered your standards enough to date me.” – Unknown

“Three things can’t be hidden: coughing, poverty, and love.” – Yiddish Proverb

“I Love you with all of my butt. I would say ‘heart’ but my butt is bigger than my heart” – Unknown

Valentine’s Day Captions For Singles

“Spending Valentine’s Day with my true love… chocolate.” – Unknown

“Love bites” – Unknown

“Happy Single Awareness Day” – Unknown

“All my singles ladies” – Beyonce

‘Happiness comes from within, not from men” – Unknown

“Single, and NOT ready to mingle, thanks for looking” – Unknown

“Single: Too fabulous to settle” – Unknown

“Valentine’s Day is in 4 days so if you are secretly in love with me, I suggest you reveal it now.” – Unknown

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, Vodka is cheaper than dinner for two” – Unknown

“I’m not single, I’m in a long term relationship with fun and freedom” – Unknown

“Single on Valentine’s Day, more chocolate for me” – Unknown

“My valentine has still not wished me ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Did I do something wrong or is it because he’s a cat?” – Unknown

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I still don’t know what to get myself yet.” – Unknown

“A dozen roses: $20, a box of chocolates: $10, a Happy Valentines Day card: $5, still having $35 dollars because you’re single: priceless!” – Unknown

“To all my friends who are committed: Happy Valentines’ Day…. and to all my friends who are single, Happy Independence Day” – Unknown

“I will be busy this Valentine’s Day spending time with my EX…….Box 360.” – Unknown

“Happy Valentine’s Day to myself. I love you very much.” – Unknown

Valentine’s Day Captions For Friends

“Your friendship means the world to me” – Unknown

“You are so special to me” – Unknown

“Happy Valentine to my Galentine” – Unknown

“You don’t understand, I don’t need a man, I got my girls” – Unknown

“Ovaries before Broveries” – Parks and Recreation

“Utereses before Duderuses” – Parks and Recreation

“Celebrating love with my soul sisters!” – Unknown

“You’re like really pretty.” – Mean Girls

“Friends are the flowers of life” – Unknown

“Too glam to give a damn” – Unknown

“The best things to hold into in life is each other” – Unknown

“Friends are family you choose” – Unknown

“I never let my best friend do stupid things… alone” – Unknown

“You are the Lucy to my Ethel” – Unknown

“We only roll with goddesses” – Unknown

“Real queens fix each other’s crowns” – Unknown

“The sunshines of my life” – Unknown

“Friends who slay together, stay together” – Unknown

“Coffee and friends make the perfect blend” – Unknown

“Celebrating Valentine’s Day surrounded by the love of my friends” – Unknown

“Totally blessed for this squad on Valentine’s Day” – Unknown

“Find your tribe. Love them hard” – Unknown

“Who needs men when I’ve got my girls? Happy Valentines’ Day everyone.” – Unknown

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures” – Unknown

“Friends make everything so much better” – Unknown

Hilarious Valentine’s Day Punny Captions

“I will walrus love you” – Unknown

“To the beary best” – Unknown

“You have a pizza my heart” – Unknown

“You’re my pandatastic” – Unknown

“To my significant otter” – Unknown

“Bananas for you” – Unknown

“You’re my butter half” – Unknown

“You’re pear-fect” – Unknown

“I wheel-ly like you” – Unknown

“Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me” – Unknown

“You are one in a minion” – Unknown

“You’re the one pho me” – Unknown

“I’ve taken a viking to you” – Unknown

“You guac my world” – Unknown

“I chews you” – Unknown

“You’re soda lightful” – Unknown

“Taco about amazing” – Unknown

“You make my heart pop” – Unknown

“You’re just my type” – Unknown

“Hey, hot stuff” – Unknown

“We were mint to be” – Unknown

“You are owl some” – Unknown

“I love you so deer-ly” – Unknown

“We mermaid for each other” – Unknown

“Love you meow and forever” – Unknown

Valentine’s Day Captions Analogies

“You are the avocado to my toast” – Unknown

“You are the bacon to my eggs” – Unknown

“You are the mac to my cheese” – Unknown

“You are the peanut butter to me jelly” – Unknown

“You are the heat to my flame” – Unknown

“You are the frost to my cupcake” – Unknown

“You are the color in my rainbow” – Unknown

“You are the spark to my engine” – Unknown

“You are the Jack to my co*ke” – Unknown

“You are the salt to my pepper” – Unknown

“You are the Ross to my Rachel” – Unknown

“You are the Zack to my Kelly” – Unknown

“You are the Mickey to my Minnie” – Unknown

“You are the Ricky to my Lucy” – Unknown

“You are the Homer to my Marge” – Unknown

“You are the Doug to my Carol” – Unknown

“You are the Angel to my Buffy” – Unknown

“You are the Jim to my Pam” – Unknown

“You are the Cory to my Topanga” – Unknown

“You are the Andy to my April” – Unknown

“You are the Ben to my Leslie” – Unknown

“You are the Chuck to my Blair” – Unknown

“You are the Luscious to my Cookie” – Unknown

“You are the Tony to my Carmela” – Unknown

“You are the Martin to my Gina” – Unknown

“You are the Marshall to my Lily – Unknown

“You are the Luke to my Lorelai” – Unknown

“You are the Seth to my Summer” – Unknown

“You are the Kevin to my Winnie” – Unknown

“You are the Sheldon to my Amy” – Unknown

“You are the David to my Maddie” – Unknown

“You are the George to my Louise” – Unknown

“You are the Eric to my Tami” – Unknown

“You are the Paul to my Jamie” – Unknown

“You are the Big to my Carrie” – Unknown


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100+ Best Valentine's Day Captions And Quotes For Your Next Instagram Post (2024)
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