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Louise| November 17

Sometimes, especially if you have kids, it can be easy to run out of ideas for dinners that suit everyone. So here is my list of 30 Dinner Casserole Recipes which might give you some inspiration!

I have included all different sorts of meat and vegetable dishes, traditional meals like the chicken cordon bleu and a load of sides that you can use for a healthier option at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Casseroles can be a great way to feed the whole family, especially if you are on a budget, and who doesn’t like a one-pot meal to cut down on the washing-up?

Here are a few of the Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes we’ve included:

  • Bacon Burger Cauliflower Rice Casserole
  • Hungry Man Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Crockpot Ground Beef Eggplant Casserole (Contains Dairy)
  • Pepperoni Pizza Casserole (Contains Dairy)
  • Buffalo Chicken Casserole (Contains Dairy)
  • Hatch Chile Casserole
  • Bread Casserole
  • Paleo Tuna Stroganoff
  • Meatball and Winter Squash Casserole

If you click or tap any of the links above, it will instantly take you to the recipe below. Or download the entire list by click on the green button below.
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (1)

Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes – Beef Is What’s For Dinner

Bacon Burger Cauliflower Rice Casserole

– Beauty and the Foodie
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (2)
Ingredients: cauliflower, ground beef, bacon, tomato sauce or puree, medium tomato, garlic powder, paprika, sea salt, celery seed, black pepper.
Photo Credit: Stacey from Beauty and the Foodie

Beef and bacon together in the one dish are reminiscent of comfort food, and this casserole would certainly be a hearty meal to serve on a chilly day. The tomato and garlic really add something special to the flavors and it is easy to make this a paleo version by omitting the cheese. The casserole only takes around 30 minutes to make so it would be great for dinner after a busy day.

Mom’s Comfort Casserole

– That Paleo Couple
Ingredients: avocado oil, ground beef, ground pork, yellow onion, green pepper, tomatoes, tomato sauce, sweet potato, salt, pepper, chili powder, celery salt.

Most families have a recipe that has been handed down that is a go-to when you need comfort food, and this one fits the bill! It is meaty and filling and is the kind of meal you look forward to eating. It has a rich tomato-based sauce and a bit of a kick from the chili, but obviously that could be toned down if you don’t like spicy food. This is another dish where leftovers make a great breakfast!

Skinny Moussaka Aka Delicious Beef And Eggplant Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– Not Enough Cinnamon
Ingredients: ground beef, onion, garlic, ground pepper, sea salt, Ceylon cinnamon, all spice, tomatoes, tomato paste, eggplants, butter, cauliflower, vegetable stock, parmesan, ground pepper.

Most of us rule out moussaka as it has a lot of dairy in it, but this recipe has come to the rescue! It follows the traditional layered design of Greek moussaka and has the same seasoning, but the sauce is amazing! You can’t taste the cauliflower – all you get is a rich, indulgent, creamy sauce that goes perfectly with the meat and eggplant. If there are any leftovers (not in our house!) you can store them in the freezer.

Hungry Man Sweet Potato Casserole

– PaleoPot
Ingredients: ground beef, bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, white onion, red onion, cayenne, paprika, garlic, black pepper, oregano.

Here is another versatile recipe that looks great to the eye and smells amazing! The colorful layers and aromatic spices just make you want to grab a plate. And just think of the textures – the juicy meat, soft potato and the crunch of the bacon! Other meat works well here too; for example replace half the ground beef with Italian sausage and use Mediterranean-inspired spices for a completely new slant on this wonderful casserole.

Crockpot Ground Beef Eggplant Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– Low Carb Yum
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (3)
Ingredients: eggplant, salt, olive oil, ground beef, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, parsley, oregano.
Photo Credit: Lisa from Low Carb Yum

This casserole is easy to make and only takes a few minutes to prepare. The seasoned beef and eggplant make the dish a satisfying and wholesome option for a hungry family. Casseroles are so useful if you have a large family or want to batch-cook for the whole week, and they can be helpful if you are working to a tight budget as it’s easy to toss in extra veg to make the meat go further!

Caveboy Casserole

– Our Paleo Life
Ingredients: ground beef, taco seasoning, arrowroot starch, olive oil (optional), yellow onion, bell peppers, plum tomatoes or any big tomato, black olives, green chiles (optional), Paleo Cornbread.

What an impressive meal this is with its studded olive topping and dense interior! It would look fabulous served in the dish for a dinner party or a weekend family dinner. With the olives and tomato it has hints of the Mediterranean and could be even more so with the addition of garlic. This is a one-pot wonder that could easily become a family favorite!

Pepperoni Pizza Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– Tessa the Domestic Diva
Ingredients: ground beef, pepperoni, onion, garlic, sea salt, oregano, basil, thyme, spaghetti squash, spaghetti sauce, blender pasta sauce, eggs, mozzarella cheese or pecorino romano.

If you are missing the pizza taste then this casserole could satisfy the craving! With the pepperoni, oregano and basil you get true pizza flavors and even the youngest members of the family will enjoy this meal. Don’t worry about the spaghetti squash – it takes on all the other flavors and even the kids will hardly notice it’s there, so it’s a great dish to make for veg-avoiders!

Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes – Give Me More Vegetables

The Best Green Bean Casserole

– A Girl Worth Saving
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (4)
Ingredients: onion, coconut oil, crimini mushrooms, dried thyme, black pepper, sea salt, chicken broth, tapioca flour, coconut milk, water, green beans, bacon.
Photo Credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving

How versatile is this dish?! All together it makes a great main or side and could be served at Thanksgiving or Christmas with the roast meat. The mushroom soup can be eaten as soup or could be served as a gravy, but in this dish it adds a creamy and delicious sauce to the green beans. If you prefer a thicker sauce then just use whatever starch you tolerate.

Southern Broccoli Casserole

– Cavegirl Cuisine
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (5)
Ingredients: broccoli, Paleo mayonnaise, onion, eggs, almond meal, chicken broth, button mushroom, celery, ghee or unsalted butter, parsnip, cooking Sherry, sea salt, ground pepper.
Photo Credit: Michelle from Cavegirl Cuisine

This is another recipe for a healthier alternative to a traditional dish that is normally served in the holidays. It is full of flavor and the eggs set the dish so it is easier to serve up. Again, the mushroom soup gives a rich flavor to complement the broccoli and any leftover soup can be a tasty lunch for the next day. This is a dish that even veggie-dodgers will try!

Sweet Potato Casserole

– Cook Eat Paleo
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (6)
Ingredients: sweet potatoes, pecans, almond flour, sea salt, ghee, honey, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, eggs.
Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo

Here is yet another wonderful alternative for holiday meals that means you don’t need to pass on traditional sides – just make your own healthy option! This casserole is slightly sweet and has a delicious crunchy topping which adds a lovely texture combination to a turkey dinner. The pumpkin pie spice gives this side a warming feeling and boosts the flavors of the sweet potato.

Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots

– Slim Palate
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (7)
Ingredients: cashews, water, lemon juice, salt, shallots, coconut oil or lard or ghee, salt, green beans, garlic, cremini mushrooms, coconut oil, vegetable or chicken stock, salt, pepper.
Photo Credit: Josh from Slim Palate

This is another dish that is typically served at Thanksgiving, but once you have tried the beans with the crispy shallots I am sure you will want to serve them more often! The mushrooms and green beans work so well together and you get a lovely texture combination with the added crunchy shallot topping. This dish is vegan, grain and dairy-free so is a great one to serve for everyone!

Real Food Sweet Potato Casserole

– Coconut Mama
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (8)
Ingredients: sweet potatoes, sea salt, water, coconut oil, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, pepper, pecans or walnuts, maple syrup, coconut sugar, marshmallows (optional).
Photo Credit: Tiffany from The Coconut Mama

There is something about the combination of nutmeg and cinnamon that makes you think of holiday food and this casserole won’t let you down! You have soft, sweet mash and a crunchy, nutty topping that will go well with any celebration meal. Whether you decide to use the marshmallow or not, make this your contribution to the Thanksgiving table and even non-paleo guests will enjoy it.

Summer Squash Casserole

– Jan’s Sushi Bar
Ingredients: summer squash, onion, garlic, ghee, kosher or sea salt, black pepper, arrowroot powder, coconut milk, almond flour.

This casserole can be used as a side dish, but makes a tasty and filling main too. The recipe can be helpful if you have vegetarian guests, but the whole family will enjoy the soft squash layers and the almond crumble topping. This is a great dish to make if you grow your own squash and have ended up with too much – it would make an excellent dish to take to a pot-luck dinner!

Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes – For The Love of Poultry

Green Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– I Breath I’m Hungry
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (9)
Ingredients: cauliflower, cream cheese, chicken, Salsa Verde, kosher salt, black pepper, cheddar cheese, sour cream, cilantro (optional).
Photo Credit: Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry

What a lovely looking dish this is, one that would look good on any dinner party table as a side, or as a main for a lighter dinner mid-week. You get tender chunks of chicken, soft cauliflower and a creamy yet tangy sauce. You could even bulk up the recipe by adding extra vegetables – for example try adding in some mushroom slices or some chopped asparagus to make it even more impressive!

Italian Chicken Casserole

– Meatified
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (10)
Ingredients: sweet potato, coconut oil or avocado oil, Italian seasoning, yellow onion, garlic, chicken thighs, broccoli, brussels sprouts, coconut milk, salt.
Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

One of the most surprising things about this dish is the sauce! Who knew that sweet potato would turn into a rich and creamy sauce that livens up the whole meal? With the Italian seasoning and the tender pieces of juicy chicken, this would be a dish to look forward to on any day. You can also experiment by adding different vegetables such as mushrooms or green beans.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– Caveman Keto
Ingredients: chicken, ham steak, Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese, heavy whipping cream, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cream cheese.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a favorite in our house, with the tender chicken and ham pieces smothered in a creamy, cheesy sauce, so we tried this recipe and it is truly delicious! You can serve this dish with whatever greens you like, but our favorite was to have a helping of broccoli with it. This dish makes a perfect lunchbox idea to be reheated at work – just beware of other workmates smelling the aroma and wanting some!

Buffalo Chicken Casserole (Contains Dairy)

– Gastography
Ingredients: chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, paprika, garlic powder, Frank’s hot sauce, coconut nectar or maple syrup, melted butter, bacon, scallions.

Chicken and bacon together is a match made in heaven, don’t you agree? And in this dish the addition of the vegetables and the hot sauce gives the flavors a real boost, making this a dish that you will keep coming back to. As a little twist, you could even use some smoked paprika instead of the sweet one to add a hint of barbecue flavoring.

BBQ Chicken Casserole

– Pale OMG
Ingredients: spaghetti squash, rotisserie chicken, garlic, red onion, garlic powder, sea salt, red pepper flakes, black pepper, Tessemae’s BBQ Sauce, eggs, fresno peppers, banana peppers or pickled jalapeños, cilantro.

This casserole is packed with flavors and textures and is so easy to make that I am sure you’ll want it over and over again! The garnish of sliced peppers makes the whole dish look amazing too. This casserole has a real barbecue flavor with just a touch of heat from the red pepper flakes. If you are working on a budget you can substitute the rotisserie chicken for thigh meat that you cook yourself and the dish can be served on its own or with a simple dish of greens.

Hatch Chile Casserole

– Fed+Fit
Ingredients: coconut oil or bacon fat, kosher salt, black pepper, chicken, water, All Natural Breakfast Sausage, chile peppers, salsa verde, coconut milk, lime juice, ground cumin, chili powder, arrowroot powder, pork skins, cilantro.

With its roots in Mexican cuisine, this casserole is spicy and delicious with a wonderful creamy gravy sauce and crispy topping. The chicken is tender and the sausage adds an extra meaty flavor and makes this dish very satisfying. Hatch chiles are quite mild but if you can’t find them just use whatever mild ones you have.

Low-Carb Chicken and Cauliflower Casserole

– The Spruce Eats

Ingredients: chicken breasts, olive oil, salt, black pepper, heavy cream, cauliflower, onion powder, dried herbs, parsley, cheddar cheese.

I love it when food actually looks as good as it tastes! This is a plateful of colors and textures and the scent of chicken is wonderful. With all the different seasonings and the tender chicken you end up with a casserole that would feed a family easily and satisfy hungry mouths, but it can also be made bigger so you have leftovers for a quick and easy lunch.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad Casserole

– Fit Moms & Full Plates
Ingredients: chicken, onion, almonds, salt, pepper, paprika, lemon juice, Paleo mayo, plantain chips.

In the UK there is a form of this casserole but it uses potato chips instead, however plantain chips make an excellent alternative! They go lovely and crisp and give a wonderful texture combination with the chicken that the whole family can enjoy. Cooking time is under half an hour so this would be a great meal for mid-week when you’re pushed for time.

Paleo Casserole with Turkey, Peppers, Zucchini and Tomato

– Faith, Food and Fitness
Ingredients: olive oil, ground turkey, onion, tomato paste, pepper, zucchini, garlic, salt, cumin powder, cardamom powder, oregano flakes, chili powder, tarragon, tomato, orange bell pepper, almond meal, coconut flour, almond milk.

This casserole has a real Italian flavor to it, thanks to the garlic, oregano and tomato and it is super healthy as it uses nutrient-dense turkey that is more easily digested than red meats. Casseroles are a great way to get the children eating more vegetables too as they are easily disguised for veggie-avoiders! Just remember to allow the dish to rest for 10 minutes to allow it to set slightly and for the meat to relax.

Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes – Other Tasty Casseroles

Tuna Casserole

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: canned tuna, onion, peas, carrots, celery, sweet potato, coconut cream, eggs, coconut flour, paprika (optional), shredded coconut, coconut oil, salt, pepper.

Canned tuna can be bought in any store at a reasonable price, so this tuna casserole would be great for students or families working off a tight budget. The moist chunks of tuna and tender vegetables are filling and delicious and the coconut topping takes on a slight crunch after cooking, giving you added texture. This casserole would make a lovely midweek meal for the whole family.

Bread Casserole

– My Heart Beets
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (12)
Ingredients: oil or fat of choice, yellow onion, Serrano pepper, ground beef, garlic, sage, salt, black pepper, apple, sweet potato, almond flour, coconut flour, eggs, chicken broth.
Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Although this dish does not include bread, it is meant to taste like the stuffings we have at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This recipe is totally versatile – you can change the meat, try out different herb and spice combinations and even miss out the meat and increase the veg for vegetarian friends. This dish is definitely comfort food, ideal for a chilly night.

Mushroom, Bacon, and Cauliflower Casserole

– Do You Even Paleo
Ingredients: bacon, onion, thyme, garlic, salt, ground pepper, cremini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, beef or chicken bone broth, spinach, coconut aminos.

The earthy flavor of the mushrooms and the salty bacon add a special flavor to this dish. It can be served as a main course or a side dish, and can even be used as an alternative stuffing for roast meats. If you prefer a casserole that is less dry, why not serve some homemade bone broth gravy on the side!

Creamy Lamb and Eggplant Casserole

– The Healthy Foodie
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (13)
Ingredients: ground lamb, onion, water, eggplants, raisins, Ceylon cinnamon, Himalayan salt, black pepper, chili pepper flakes, ground allspice, ground cardamom, ground cloves, parsley, cauliflower rice (for serving).
Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie

Because you are using lamb, eggplant, allspice and cardamom, this casserole has hints of the flavors of a tagine commonly found in Turkey. This dish is packed with flavors and is filling and nutritious on its own, but you can easily serve this over cauliflower rice. Contrary to the name, there is no dairy here – the creamy texture comes from the eggplant.

Paleo Tuna Stroganoff

– Paleo Effect
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (14)
Ingredients: paleo cream of mushroom soup, white albacore tuna, coconut milk, duck fat, yellow onion, garlic, coarse sea salt, black pepper, green peas, broccoli, portabella mushrooms, paleo breadcrumbs, onion flakes.
Photo Credit: Meghan & Angel from The Paleo Effect

Here is another case where the crunchy crumb topping helps to make this dish look amazing! Then inside you find moist chunks of fish and vegetables in a creamy mushroom sauce…even talking about it makes your mouth water! This would make a lovely family meal any time as it doesn’t take long to prepare; just remember if using canned tuna to drain it first otherwise the dish will be watery.

Meatball and Winter Squash Casserole

– The Paleo Mom
29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (15)
Ingredients: winter squash, maple sugar, sage, walnuts, cinnamon, salt, ground pork, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground cardamom, garlic powder, ground ginger.
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

There is something so appealing about just-cooked meatballs – you just want to grab one and try it! This recipe uses ground pork, but ground beef or even turkey would work just as well. There is very little preparation involved and the cooking time is under 30 minutes, so this would be great for a quick dinner mid-week or for a nutritious weekend lunch for the whole family.

Creamy Mushroom & Pork Casserole

– Grazed & Enthused
Ingredients: fat of choice, pork, sea salt, mushrooms, coconut cream, balsamic vinegar, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder.

This casserole reminds me of winter goodness served at home when we were young, and I am sure you will love it too! Pork and mushrooms are great partners and this is a meaty dish to warm and fill you even on the coldest days. The rich and creamy sauce is fantastic and could even be used in a casserole with chicken breasts instead of pork. Be adventurous and try different combinations of flavors too!

29 Delicious Paleo Dinner Casserole Recipes (2024)
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