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Do you want to learn the best ways to say I love you in Dutch? Shouldn’t you surprise your dutch spouse by saying ik houd van je? Instead of using a redundant and common phrase, would you like to spice things up a little? If that’s the case then congratulations, you are at the right place.

In today’s blog, we will walk you through all the important phrases and vocabulary which you can use with your loved ones to show some affection. These words will significantly improve your relationship with them and make them fond of you. We got you covered.

There are many ways of saying “I love you”. For example, in Italian, it is “ti amo” which is “te amo” in Spanish, and in German, it is “ich liebe dich“. In this blog, we will teach you all the ways within Dutch through which you can talk about your feelings. So let the learning begin!

Dutch Language

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. In Dutch, the word for this language is Nederlands. Due to its close resemblance with the country name the Netherlands in English, people often confuse Nederlands with the Netherlands.

Dutch culture appreciates the expression of love. Countless people go to Amsterdam to spend their honeymoon or propose to their dear ones. Talking about love with a close friend can be a great experience for one to get closer to someone else.

Love Vocabulary

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It is important to know some Dutch love words which you can use in your romantic relationship with the other person. The people in a relationship often wait to get to know the romantic feelings of their partners. Therefore, knowing the right words to tell your partner in Dutch will be a great idea.

Here is a table for you to get started with a few words related to romantic relationships, love, and affection:

Dutch WordsEnglish Translations
Mijn VriendMy Boyfriend
Mijn VriendinMy Girlfriend
Mijn LiefjeMy Love
Mijn SchatMy Treasure/ Hon

Different Phrases To Say I Love You In Dutch

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There are different phrases that can be used to say “I love you” in Dutch. One example of that is ik ben verliefd op je. If you have a crush on someone, for instance, the girl in your class but you are not necessarily in love with her. You want to express your feelings of attraction then this phrase is your ultimate go-to phrase. Let’s break this phrase down to know more about the vocabulary.

Ik means I, ben refers to am, verliefd means in love, op translates to on and je indicates you. This is a light phrase that can be used to express your feelings for someone.

The Right Emphasis

It is important to know where to put emphasis while expressing your love to someone. Be it a friend, your family members, or a person in your love relationship, the emphasis tends to change the game of love. The emphasis on one right word can make the deal for you while an emphasis on one wrong word can yet ruin it all.

In English, we often tend to change our tone while putting the emphasis on various words whereas the entire sentence/ phrase tends to stay the same. It is not the same in Dutch.

When someone asks you “who do you love?” Then the topic of love is obvious and told already so your emphasis would not be on the word love but rather on the person that you love. Or when a person says that “you love her” you can say, “I love YOU”. See, here the emphasis is on the word you to make sure that the person knows that you love them.

Similarly when you love someone and want them to know then your emphasis would be on the topic of love and not much on who the person is. For instance, if the person you love asks you “why are you helping me?” You could say, “because I LOVE you.”

In Dutch there are various ways by which you can say I love you. Check out these examples below.

Ik Hou Van Jou

In this phrase, the emphasis is on the person that you love. The word “jou” means. This word is always used when something about you is being told and you are the main element of attention.

In this case, the person that you are telling to might already know this and they need reassurance. For instance, if the two of you have had a fight and your partner might think that it’s because of someone else, you can use this phrase.

Ik Hou Van Je

This phrase is used to confess your feelings for someone. When they are least expecting or might not think that you two have anything you emphasize the word love, therefore, indicating that “I LOVE you”.

The form you used in this sentence is “je” which despite being the subject of the sentence does not hold as much importance as the word “you van” does.

The verb houden van means to hold on to someone.

Ik Vind Je Leuk

This phrase means I like you. It can be said to the people who are just friends for you. It does not hold as much seriousness as the other two aforementioned phrases do. Nevertheless, it is an amazing way of letting your friend that you love them without sounding too cheesy or desperate in some cases.

Een Vriend Van Mij

The word for boyfriend and a friend who is a boy, and girlfriend and a friend who is a girl are crazily similar in the Dutch. This often confuses people and they tend to ask the native Dutch speakers about the difference and how to avoid that.

The Dutch people use “Hij is/ Zij is een vriend van mij” to indicate that someone is just a friend and nothing more. Using the word “mijin” before the title can actually change the meaning of the word altogether. For example, if you want to tell someone about your partner then you should say “Hij is mijn vriend/ Zij is mijn vriendin”.

Jij Bent Echt Belangrijk

Jij bent echt belangrijk” means “you are so important”. A beautiful, unique, and attractive thing to tell a partner would be to let them know how important they are. The word “jij” means you, “bent” refers to are, “echt” indicates really and “belangrijk” means important.

This is an essential dutch phrase to know since your partner can ask you “Am I important?” and you should know to tell them what they deserve to know and assure them of their importance. Such reassurances are what keep a relationship going and therefore if you are in a relationship with a native Dutch speaker then this is a must phrase for your to know.

Ik Kan Je Nooit Verliezen

Another great phrase to know in Dutch is “Ik kan je nooit verliezen” which means “I cannot lose you”. The word Ik means I, kan refers to can, je means you, nooit mean never, and verliezen means to lose. Another way of telling someone how important they are is by telling them that you cannot afford to lose them which is another way of making them feel loved.

Dutch sentences structure is quite similar to that of English. For all the English speakers learning Dutch grammar is like a piece of cake. Even the words are mostly similar in their pronunciation and spelling. This makes the entire thing easy to learn for the speakers.

Tip Of The Day

If you love someone in an undescribable way then you can say “woorden kunnen mijn liefde voor jou niet beschrijven”. This means that words are not enough for me to express my love for you. Or that I love you so much that all the words would be less for me to describe it.

Expressing your love and communicating your feelings is what keeps a relationship strong and healthy. Most people love each other but tend to lose the charm of their love relationship because they do not express enough. So always express your love to the love of your life because life is too short to delay things.

Wrapping Up

If Dutch is a new language for you and you are interested in learning more about Dutch then don’t forget to check out some other blogs by ling app on Dutch. You can also check out a blog on greetings in Dutch if you have just started with this language. If you liked this blog then make sure to check other blogs on the Ling App.

I hope you gained the love-related vocabulary in this blog and had fun reading it. Good luck with your language learning. On the Ling app, you can learn Dutch with various flashcards and quizzes, etc. You can get any course of your choice and start learning right away!

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5 Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Dutch - Ling App (2024)


5 Easy Ways To Say I Love You In Dutch - Ling App? ›

Lieverd has a bunch of words related to it you can use as well, like liefje or even just plain lief. Phrases like mijn lief are popular in Belgium, too, so you can try that if you're trying to impress a Flemish love interest. Here are a few more terms of endearment in Dutch: Term.

What do you call your lover in Dutch? ›

Lieverd has a bunch of words related to it you can use as well, like liefje or even just plain lief. Phrases like mijn lief are popular in Belgium, too, so you can try that if you're trying to impress a Flemish love interest. Here are a few more terms of endearment in Dutch: Term.

What do Dutch people call their girlfriends? ›

With “mijn” it's your girlfriend. Breaking up might be a part of your Dutch relationship.

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