75 I Love Him Quotes (2024)

These days, women can freely and passionately express their feelings to their extraordinary men compared to several decades ago. There are so many avenues that can be used to express one’s love, most especially with the advancement in modern technology today. One can send a sweet SMS, loving email or quotes or even post on social media; with this in mind, we have an awesome compilation of sweet and loving quotes that will bring delight to your remarkable man. Check out our list, and feel free to use and share it!

Thank you for loving me during the times when I don’t even know how to love myself.

You are the reason why I was finally able to see my worth without you hurting me.

I am always willing to stay and be with you no matter how far you go and how difficult the journey will be.

Knowing that you are always next to me makes my heart content and happy.

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Every day is a great day for me, most especially when I am with you.

You are not a knight in dazzling armour, but you are always my one and a true hero.

I’m glad that heavens gave me you. I love you!

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Even if fate will keep us apart, your name and your love were already tattooed in my heart.

I always have fun and joy with you, even if we are not doing anything or anything at all. I guess that is the magic of love.

I like the fact that I love you. No questions. No reasons. No buts. No ifs.

I Love You Quotes For Him

You are just exactly the kind of man that I am dreaming of. How lucky I am to have you.

I am so tired. So tired of thinking about you all day long.

I love you, and I am keeping you for life.

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I always smile when someone utters your name. Even your name alone brings me joy.

I passionately love you. I do, and I seriously mean it.

I do not care how I will die as long as I get to spend the rest of my dear life with you.

You are the reason behind all the smiles that I have.

Thinking about you all day makes me hungry, hungry for your love.

Seeing you happy with me is more than enough for me.

You will always be my only love until the day that fate cuts the thread of my life.

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You are the cause of my joy, the core of my world and the life of my heart.

Please be careful; I cannot afford it if something terrible happens to my life.

I found paradise when I met you. The same thing happened with my dreams.

You are the last person that I think of before I go to my slumber, and then you are always the first person to come across my mind as soon as I wake up.

Heartfelt Quotes

Every corner, every angle, every side that I gazed upon, I am constantly reminded how much you love me.

I came to understand love when I met you then love you.

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You are my happy place, and I would rather be with you forever than be anywhere else in the world.

Whenever I look into your eyes, it feels like I am looking to my soul.

Thank you for being my rainbow, as you always remind me that there are always good things at the end of each storm.

By simply looking at you, I know I have found the one true love of my life.

I can’t resist your gorgeousness and your charm. My eyes are all set on you. That is why you are the apple of my eyes.

I love you like how I love bacon and pizza. Therefore, I love you with all my might and with all my heart.

How I wish I have met you sooner in my life if only I could turn back all the time. I love you!

You came at the right time and the right place. I am glad I did too because I met my Mr Right, who is you.

You are not the perfect guy from movies, but you are just perfectly imperfect for me. I love you!

I can use twenty different adjectives to describe what I’m feeling for you, but let me stick with this; my love for you is forever.

My heart is busy pumping because it has to circulate the blood, but it is happily beating because of you.

I can’t imagine what kind of life I would be living if I did not meet you at the right time.

I always shed tears at night, not because of heartaches but because you always make me laugh my heart out. You are simply the best!

I love everything about you. Your strengths and your flaws make you, YOU!

I found the glory when I met you similar thing happened with my dreams; all of them came true.

You are the reason for my joyfulness, the heart of my world and the life of my heart.

I do not mind and care if I am not your first kiss or your first love, but I am yearning to be your last in everything remaining.

It melted my soul when I glanced at you, but then you were already staring passionately at me.

My eyes were not the ones who saw you and told me that you were finally the one; it was my soul.

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I wish we could be together in everything because I do not want to be alone without you.

You used to be my schoolmate. Then you became my classmate. We both worked and became officemates. Fast forward to now; we are already soul mates.

Without any doubt. Without any questions. You are my favourite in everything.

I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love every day with the same person. Thanks to you, I even experienced it myself.

I was treated like trash before, but you picked me up and made me your queen.

I used not to pay too much attention to all the love quotes before, but you changed me and my life, so now I am sending you one.

I have fallen in love how many times in my life, but I always fell in love with the same person; it is you.

Nothing will, and nothing can make me any happier, especially now that I am finally with you.

You are not oxygen, but how come that you are the very air that I solely breathe?

I fell in love, and I am glad that you caught me just in time.

There are only two moments in my life that I want to be with you alone, now and forever.

I feel safer and more secure every time we cuddle. Indeed in your arms, I am loved and protected.

There is only one thing that I will not ask you to do, which is to change for me. You are just adorably perfect by simply being you.

I am so blessed to wake up each morning right next to you.

It is a privilege to lay down at night in our bed with you right by my side.

Thanks to you, my love, I now fully understand what the meaning of genuine love is.

You are the sole reason I thank God every second, minute, an hour of the day, every day.

You always give me something to be happy and grateful for each day. I love you!

I am living a dream, or let me say, living with the man of my wildest dreams.

Spending a day with you makes everything perfect. I love you!

Each sunrise keeps me reminded that I have another superb day to spend with you.

Sunsets are extraordinarily beautiful because it tells me that my day is fantastic because I have someone amazing in my life like you.

We are technically twenty-five miles apart, but I never felt the distance in my heart.

I always follow my brain; the day I met you, it was my first time following my heart.

My heart surprisingly led me to you, and I am so blessed that it did.

You are exclusively and absolutely mine. It sounds too selfish and narcissistic, but I want you always to remember that.

I can and will travel and survive any barren and scorching hot desert as long as I get to see you.

I will cross the entire ocean no matter how deep, wide and angry the waves are. If that’s the only way to be with you, I certainly and surely will.

Walking down the aisle is one of the best journeys that I had just for you.

My heart does not sound lub dub lub dub lub dub; instead, it tells you.

The only thing that I did right in my life was when I chose to love you.

You are my man, and I am so proud and thankful that you are the one.

Your arms are the best pillow and blanket in the entire universe because it makes me feel so safe, secure and at the same time so loved.

Spending a day with you makes everything incredibly just suitable. I love you!

I looked into your eyes. I was surprised and delighted to see how you perceived me.

I am inspired to do my best in anything and everything because my inspiration is you.

Every time that we spend, you always make me feel like a royal queen.

I am the honey. You are the bee. Together we are honeybees. So Cheesy? Let it be!

I want to shower you with hugs and kisses, but with our distance, I can’t, so let me remind you that I love you very much up to the full moon and back to earth until the sun rises.

We will never be complete without U. That’s why I love you!

Women will never be complete without men. So it is safe to say that I will not become complete if not because of you. No matter what, I love you!

75 I Love Him Quotes (2024)
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