Hello everyone welcome back to my channel, today's video is my Ipsy Glam Bag unbagging and try on. I love to try out the products in these bags. I am usually impressed with these bags. This one just wasn't my favorite but I still enjoyed some of the products. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video.
- F.A.R.A.H Eyeshadow Duo in Forget Me Not & Nectar
- Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops
- Honey Jarret Rose Clay Purifying Mask
- Love + Craft + Beauty Glare Gloss in "Blitz" FULL SIZED $8
- Eyeko Black Magic Cocoa Edit Liquid Eyeliner in "Brown"
- Boxy Charm www.boxycharm.com/refer/Alexandra M-TIWNVIHJ
- Drop rewards: ✨ I'm inviting you to join Drop, the free app that's giving away millions in cash rewards every day! Use my code yr60x to get $5 - no strings attached b.ewd.io/code
- Sign up for Ipsy www.ipsy.com/yml2mlei
- NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lift & Snatch Eyebrow Tint Pen, Espresso: amzn.to/3hpKqvB
- Brow 1980 VOLUMIZING POMADE In "Soft Black" glnk.io/no9l/alexandramrojas
-Catrice True Skin Hydrating Foundation (015 Warm Vanilla): amzn.to/3pqbAqy
- KVD Good Apple Concealer in "Light 119"
- Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder Loose in "Translucent": amzn.to/3IvKrdC
- Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Bronzing stick in "Happy Sol"
- Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in "Encourage"
- Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in "Got You"
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Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel, or if you're new here, welcome in general.

My name is alex and today's video, I'm so excited because I received my ipsy glam bag today and I'm.

So freaking excited first off.

This bag is the cutest freaking bag ever.

And I can't get over how freaking cute that is.

But with that being said, let's just jump, right in get the bad news out of the way.

Okay, because I did try these products I like to film little inserts for you.

And I tried this.

This is the pharah eyeshadow duo and forget me not a nectar.

This is a deluxe sample.

And it says, these floral inspired peach, pink pearl and bronze peach.

Pearl eyeshadow shades look stunning alone or paired together, plus the long wearing powder, pigments won't crease or fade for hours too use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep these shades over your lids, it's vegan, cruelty, free.

It says, think of fair brushes as your one stop shop for luxurious, high quality, versatile tools now on to my thoughts about this, I didn't like it I'm gonna be completely honest.

And I had high expectations considering the little duo comes in like really nice packaging.

I don't know what it is.

I don't know, maybe it's just me.

I didn't like it because it's kind of chalky and chunky.

And I couldn't figure out the diff.

I couldn't differentiate, the two shades between each other.

And I don't know it just didn't look even on my eye.

I had to go over it with something like it like comes out in chunks.

Every time I I swatch dip, my brush in it's, just not really like something that I would have wanted usually the little eyeshadows I get in my ipsy's are all really good.

But this one I could have done without this one, but yeah, I'm gonna see if maybe my grandmother wants it or someone that's not too into like makeup, like I am because for me, this doesn't really pack a punch and the formula isn't something I want so that's how I feel about that product.

Sorry, we're starting off on a not so good note.

But the rest of the bag is actually good spoiler alert.

The next products that I'm pulling out of here is the samalas tube known to mankind.

This is my choice item by the way.

So we can all kind of be sad together.

This is not gonna last me like a week.

This is the glow recipe.

Watermelon glow, niacinamide dew drops.

And this was my choice item for the month.

I really love these.

This is a deluxe sample.

I don't think this is a deluxe sample.

This is a sample.

Okay, deluxe sample.

It brightens.

This is a long description, we're gonna be here for a while it brightens.

Skin reduces the look of hyperpigmentation and gives your skin, a glow instantly and over time, packed with clinically effective ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

This best-selling tic-toc viral brightening serum will give you the ultimate glow before moisturizer, just spends one to two pumps as your daily serum and gently pat onto face and neck until fully absorbed apply daily am and pm, as a priming step, apply daily am and pm, as a priming step, apply one to two pumps as the last step in your skincare routine before makeup can also be mixed with foundation applied as the last step of your skincare routine on a no makeup day for a glowy finish or applied on a high points of your faces, highlighter it's, a multi-use, skincare makeup hybrid that gives a dewy glow without mica glitter or gray, cast plus it's, clean vegan.

Cruelty, free glow.

Recipe is a fruit forward, clinically effective, skincare brand for glowing skin, co-founded by sara lee and christine, chang, the brand advocates for real skin, acceptance, sustainability, diversely, diversity, equity, inclusion and female empowerment.


I can't speak today.

Just as always I do wish.

It was a little bigger.

I do have the full size of this, but I'm almost out of it literally I'm like right here.

So I'm like using this sample night, can I use this before I use this because I don't want to I don't wanna use this up.

I love it and that's, an expensive price tag.

You know, it's a lovely product.

And it does what it says it's gonna do.

And I do notice a difference when I do use it consistently.

And you gotta love products like that.

The next product in here is the honey, jaret rose, clay, purifying mask.

And this is a another deluxe sample.

But this one's an actual sample deluxe sample, you know, it's like a mini tube.

This is gonna last me a while says this acne, fighting mask helps clear up whiteheads, blackheads and clogged pores with a combo exfoliating, ahas, purifying, clay and antibacterial witch hazel use it twice a week for skin that glows apply a thin even layer to skin.

Wait 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water, it's a hundred percent.

Cruelty, free, aka never tested on animals and about the brand their products are formulated by dermatologists and made with a blend of delicately selected superfood ingredients, that's fun.

I actually swatched this like on the back of my hand, but I got a bone to pick right because like this is a big bottle right? This is where the product is.

But I love that I love korean skincare, though, and this says, it's made in korea.

I got high hopes for this, and I will try it, and I probably will go through it because there's not a lot in here.

And it has some pretty good ingredients in there.

So the next product in my glam bag is from lovecraft beauty.

This is the glare gloss in blitz.

This is actually a full-size item, and it retails for eight dollars.

You will want to wear this lip gloss every single day trust us.

The peony pink shade has just a hint of shimmer and and feels zero percent sticky or tacky on lips.

Not really feels good.

It feels like a really nice lip gloss.

I actually have another one, but I really do love the formula of the lip gloss.

It feels nice give your lips, a subtle shine with a single tip of the doe foot applicator or dip multiple times and layer on for full glossy pal, it's, vegan, cruelty, free.

Everything lovecraft beauty creates is made with the belief that makeup is part of a transformative process that starts from the outside in love.

The message that lovecraft beauty does stand for.

I have a mini one.

I don't know, I don't think it's the same shade.

Thank god very similar shade though so the last one I got was actually a smaller one and it's in the shade dream pop.

And I actually really liked it.

So now I have the shade blitz, and I think it's, very pretty shade, and I think it's perfect for the springtime the last product in my bag.

This was actually quite disappointing I'm.

Not gonna lie.

I was really excited for this product and it.

Let me down just a little, you know, it's still really nice.

This is the ico black magic, coco, edit, liquid liner in brown.

This liner is perfect for liquid liner novices.

This ultra precise pen, lets you create smooth fluid lines in a single stroke.

Once the brown pigments are on, they won't smudge smear or fade for a full eight hours that's.


I hope that's true glide it along your lash line to create the perfect cat.


Shake before use.

I did shake it by the way so it's, not that I didn't, shake it it's, a vegan, cruelty, free from beloved liners and shadows to award-winning mascaras and brow formulas ico has earned its status as the ultimate go-to brand for eye products.

I've heard a lot of good things about ico.

But upon doing my eyeliner today, this is like one of those eyeliners that doesn't cover up shadow.

It doesn't go over eyeshadow.

And as someone who wears eyeshadow constantly, this is just not what I wanted an eyeliner.

I wanted it to be brown, but I wanted it to be like an opaque brown to kind of go over the glittery like if you look, you can probably see it like the glitter on the liner that's, the pet peeve of mine.

I don't really like that.

I feel like if I used it with maybe matte eyeshadows or no eyeshadow or maybe just concealer, it would look a lot better.

And I feel like if I'm gonna use this that's how I would use it.

But I I do like the precision you get with it.

And I do like the color of it so pro and there's a con, you know, there's always pros and cons there's more pros and cons with this.

But overall I just wanted it to be more opaque.


I think my bag this month was pretty good.

I was disappointed in the size of my choice item granted.

When I chose it, I knew it wasn't gonna be anything crazy like big.

But my goodness my goodness, this is like, how is this a choice item? Can you explain? I feel like the choice items for the glam bag should be full size items like maybe the gloss could have been a choice item or like a full size liner or brush, usually that's what they give us.

But like there wasn't much to choose from for this month that's, why I chose the glow recipe.

And I mean, my bags didn't end up coming bad.

I just not what I expected.

And I really dislike the eyeshadows.

I just usually have really good luck with the ipsy eyeshadows.

This one is not my vibe I'm gonna see if my grandma wants it.

So, however, the bag this month is literally a doll, and I love it and just obsessed with the bag.

And I think like I would pay the 13.99 just for the bag alone, which is not the best thing ever because why would you do that? You know, I'm branding, please, let me know what you received in your ipsy glam bag and how you feel about the glam bag this month down in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

I hope you found it helpful.

If you did, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more ipsy videos.

I do have my ipsy blind bag plus coming so stay tuned for that.

And I will see you in my next video bye.

This is the pharaoh eyeshadow.

These floral inspired peach, pink pearl and bronze peach.

Pearl equity, the next product in here, the feels zero percent.

Oh, my god, I can't close it.

I need to rethink my space.

I need is a deluxe sample and it's the perfect liquid liner novices.

What am I saying I don't know, but it's not english.

This is the perfect.

This is perfect.


How does the IPSY quiz work? ›

How Does IPSY Work? It all starts with your Beauty Quiz, a quick questionnaire about your beauty preferences, skin tone, hair color, eye color, favorite brands, and more. Using your answers, we curate products that are unique to you and deliver a new assortment each month.

Does everyone get the same products from IPSY? ›

We each have different needs, which is why personalization is at the heart of everything we do. From undertone to skin type to eye shape, no two people are exactly the same, and we're obsessed with delivering not only what you already love but also helping you discover new products you can't live without.

What is the difference between IPSY glam bag and glam bag plus? ›

What's the difference between Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag X? The Glam Bag includes five deluxe-size beauty samples (worth $50+), while Glam Bag Plus includes five full-size products (worth $120+). Glam Bag X includes eight full-size, celeb-curated products (worth up to $350).

Can you get a refund on IPSY? ›

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for IPSY subscriptions, but we're always happy to replace anything missing or damaged. Please note that our replacement policy is good for up to 45 days after the shipment date. If something needs to be replaced, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll be happy to help!

Can you retake the IPSY quiz? ›

What if My Beauty Preferences Change? Good question. If you decide you actually don't love lipstick, or contouring just isn't for you, you can retake the Beauty Quiz to update your profile at any time.

Do you get anything from IPSY on your birthday? ›

And reminder: you can get an extra 15% off candles today only in honor of our birthday! Wanna join the party? Sign up for a free month of our Refreshments membership through IPSY!

Is IPSY or BoxyCharm more expensive? ›

The main differences between Ipsy and Boxycharm are: BoxyCharm costs around $25 per month for 5 full sized beauty products, whereas IPSY Glam Bag cost $12 for 5 products of varying size. IPSY is slightly more customizable based on your preferences, whereas everyone receives the same BoxyCharm box each month.

Do you get to pick products in glam bag plus? ›

How many products do I get to choose from? For each Choice spot in your Glam Bag Plus (and remember you have three!), you'll get to choose from a selection of at least four products we've picked just for you. That makes for 12 products total for your three Choices—because who doesn't love options?

How do I get the most out of IPSY? ›

The Hack: When reviewing the products in your IPSY bag, provide a rating based on the item type rather than the actual item itself. For example, if you love mascara but the mascara you received that month didn't quite work for you, still rate it as 'five stars. Pro tip: Be consistent with your ratings.

Why are IPSY products so cheap? ›

Why Is IPSY So Cheap? One of the major reasons why IPSY is cheap can be traced back to the brand sponsorships it does. These brands, when launching new product lines, not only compensate IPSY for the additional exposure but likely provide the products free of charge.

Is IPSY still popular? ›

IPSY Glam Bag is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus a cute makeup bag.

How do I speak to someone at IPSY? ›

For assistance, please contact support@ipsy.com.

Why is IPSY charging me twice? ›

It's likely the second charge you're seeing is a pending charge and should drop off. If you're still seeing both charges in your account after a few business days, please reach out to us for assistance, and provide us with your full billing address so we can look into it!

Can you cancel IPSY after one month? ›

All orders are final at the time they're placed and cannot be canceled. Please note that we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. If you received a missing or damaged order, contact IPSY Care. We appreciate your understanding!

How hard is it to cancel an IPSY subscription? ›

To cancel your membership:

Click "Continue Cancellation". Select up to 2 reasons for cancelling, then continue. We will email you a link that you must click to confirm your cancellation. Make sure you're logged into your IPSY account, then click on the link in the email we sent you to finalize your cancellation.

Is BoxyCharm owned by IPSY? ›

IPSY and BoxyCharm Merge in Acquisition. Operating as separate businesses under the same parent company—Beauty For All— since late 2020, IPSY and BoxyCharm are joining forces to offer a revamped and upgraded member experience to their combined 20 million-plus community.

What happens if I cancel my IPSY subscription? ›

If you cancel your annual membership, you'll still receive the remainder of your prepaid subscription orders, but your membership will not renew for another year.

Will I get charged if I skip a month on IPSY? ›

Even if you don't have funds available then, our system will make several attempts to charge you until our billing period closes around mid-month. If you'd prefer not to be billed for the upcoming month, you can always skip a month.

How many people are subscribed to IPSY? ›

Ipsy has over 3.5 million subscribers presently enrolled in its Glam Bag service - one million more than its nearest rival Birchbox - so it will be interesting to see the difference Glam Bag Plus makes.

How much does a year of IPSY cost? ›

How much does Ipsy cost per year? If you sign up for an annual membership, a year's subscription to IPSY costs a discounted rate of $143/year. A monthly membership costs only $13 a month.

Are there other companies like Ipsy? ›

Ipsy's top competitors include Birchbox, GlossyBox, and bellabox. Birchbox provides subscription services. It offers grooming, lifestyle, and beauty products. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in New York, New York.

Is Ipsy full sized? ›

Personalized Monthly Makeup & Beauty Sample Subscription | IPSY. You choose three of your five full-size faves and shop your Add-Ons all in one go, so there's always a ton to love in your Glam Bag Plus.

Did Michelle Phan sell IPSY? ›

Em, which was part of Ipsy, is now the property of Phan's new company, Divinium Labs, LLC. (TechCrunch characterized Ipsy as “divesting” Em Cosmetics.)

Why won't IPSY let me pick my products? ›

The product you're trying to choose is likely out of inventory.

Can you change your Choice on IPSY? ›

Once you choose your product, you're unable to make changes. No worries! You'll be able to choose another product when Choice opens up again for next month.

What is glam bag ultimate? ›

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

How long does IPSY usually take? ›

When Will I Get My Bag? Your bag will arrive approximately two weeks after we successfully bill your credit card, which reflects the time we need to curate the personalized products in your assortment, pack everything up, and then mail it to you via standard shipping.

How many products do you get in an IPSY bag? ›

Glam Bag includes five deluxe-size beauty samples (one you choose yourself) valued at over $50 for just $13/month. Glam Bag Plus includes five full-size products (three you choose yourself) valued at over $120 for just $28/month. Glam Bag X is only available to members with a monthly Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus plan.

How do I get the best out of IPSY? ›

The Hack: If you want to pick one of your items, be sure to subscribe before the first of the month of which you want to receive your first IPSY Glam Bag. Choice day is usually around the 20th to the 25th the month prior, so subscribe just before Choice day to get the opportunity to participate.

Why is IPSY so cheap? ›

Why Is IPSY So Cheap? One of the major reasons why IPSY is cheap can be traced back to the brand sponsorships it does. These brands, when launching new product lines, not only compensate IPSY for the additional exposure but likely provide the products free of charge.

How do I skip a month on IPSY? ›

Can I "skip" a month?
  1. Log into IPSY.com.
  2. Click on the three lines (located at the top of the page on a computer, and at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device), then click on "Account"
  3. Click "View Membership"
  4. Click "Skip a Month"

Can you cancel IPSY after the first month? ›

Cancellation for Membership: Policy: You may cancel your Membership at any time by logging into your account, clicking on Account/Edit Account Settings/Membership, and following the cancellation procedures described there. If you need help, please email us at refreshments-support@ipsy.com .

Are there other companies like IPSY? ›

Ipsy's top competitors include Birchbox, GlossyBox, and bellabox. Birchbox provides subscription services. It offers grooming, lifestyle, and beauty products. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in New York, New York.

Is IPSY full sized? ›

Personalized Monthly Makeup & Beauty Sample Subscription | IPSY. You choose three of your five full-size faves and shop your Add-Ons all in one go, so there's always a ton to love in your Glam Bag Plus.

Can you pay for a year of IPSY? ›

How much does Ipsy cost per year? If you sign up for an annual membership, a year's subscription to IPSY costs a discounted rate of $143/year. A monthly membership costs only $13 a month.

What is the IPSY handling fee? ›

*If you're a new member, find more information here about when you'll be billed for your first order. Note: A small handling fee of $1.99 is applied to all subscription shipments, plus applicable state taxes for U.S. members or a small shipping fee for Canadian members.

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