First Time Hearing Queen "Love of My Life" (Live at Wembley -1986) Reaction| Asia and BJ (2023)



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What's, good, youtube, it's, your girl asia and it's your boy.

Bj, back in the building back in effect back like we never left and family.

We appreciate y'all for tuna tuning in it's, 20, 22.

man, we're feeling, good today.

Uh, the first video that we're gonna be jumping into right now is queen.


The title of this one is love of my life.

And I pulled it up.

This is actually a live performance, uh, in 1986, at wembley.

So uh, we're gonna be dialing into some more freddie mercury and queen.

Yeah, if you haven't already be sure you head over to my vlog channel, I'm just asian y'all check out the content.

I also have a reaction channel, I'm still asian dropping by your reactions y'all.

The links will be in the description for both of those channels.

So make sure y'all check them out.

And if y'all are watching right now, go ahead and like comment and subscribe hit that notification bell.

So you don't, miss any videos from asia and bj and y'all just go ahead and jump into queen.

Hey, I think we already know what we're going to expect, you know, so, hey, we're going to expect greatness so let's, go ahead and jump into it.


Go let's.

Go get into this video.

The love of my life.

You've heard broken me heart.

So the love of my life, don't, leave bring it back, bring it back don't.

Take it away from me, because you don't know what it means to me when to remind you, I still love you he's.

So freaking cool, hey, hey, we're, cooking.

Now, we're, cooking.

Now, when I say you like he's, he's, probably like he just looking at him, he looks so comfortable up there, y'all like this is just like I'm.

Just this is just what I do.

Okay, this is just this is.

This is my element.

This is where I go.

I think like he looks so comfortable like all those freaking people out there.

And he is so unbothered he's, just like I'm just living this moment, though, you know what I'm saying that that's when you're a superstar because because not even like a rock star, but that kind of puts you on a level of almost like a, um like a superhero.

Because a lot of people might may look at you as a superhero because it's like man, you got to have some kind of superpower to be able to stand up there in front of those kind of people or that many people and be able to be able to perform without you know, like you said being nervous or not everybody.

Everybody ain't going to go up there and just stand up there like that that's all I'm saying, that's all I'm saying, yeah, it's a lot of people.

I mean, people don't really look up to you like that.

And we say it all the time like like his charisma and just his confidence.

You see it every time every time he sings every time.

He sings a note, definitely his stage presence as well, she's like he's, just he's, just like man.


Let me just go and just do this born for the stage that's.

What that means, yeah, and he had such a huge voice, y'all huge voice, just a big voice.

Every time he opens his mouth to sing I'm like it's.

So just, uh, yeah, you know what? I mean you never heard like a weak note from him a weak song like over the top like over the top.

I could never get enough.

Queen y'all.

So so oh don't.

Take it away from me because you don't know what it means to me love of my life.


He just again, like I said, man, fred mercury is just he too much.

You know, I'm saying, he's too much to handle I'm trying to tell you.

Yeah, I love it.

All you needed was just fred mercury's, moist, fred mercury's, voice.

And this acoustic guitar that's.

All you needed with this one.

Yeah, this was nice though this is definitely a little bit of a change up than what yeah.

I feel like I'm used to seeing from him, because usually, you know, his performances usually be like over the top loud rowdy.

You know, everybody join in typing type of performances.

But this one was definitely.

It was it's a little a little different.

I like this.

I like this piece again, like I said, because it really put, you know, his voice on full display.

You know, obviously with any type of acoustic piece that you do it's going to put your your voice on display it's going to make you kind of put you in the vulnerable state.

But again, like I said, the way that he sings whether fred mercury performs, you know, he rises to the occasion.


And this one sounded really good.

I love his voice.

Just like you said before you can definitely tell that he's, you know, went through some type of like, you know, he he may professional have some people can just be self-taught like that and just have like a big voice like that.

Because even for I mean, I I granted I'm, not like no big singer.

But I feel like, you know singing was something.

I naturally knew how to do.

Nobody taught me how to do that right, you know what I'm saying.

So I just feel like, you know for some people it's just something that you kind of just grow into.

And you just take on.

And and you better grow, as you get better, you know what, I mean.

And if he did take vocal lessons, it wasn't to teach him how to sing, maybe, yeah, but well, yeah, that's.

What I'm saying I'm, not necessarily, yeah, I'm, not saying that to learn how to learn how to, but you can just tell how he can already sing, but you know, just he just, hey, he just got the finishing pieces on her.

Yeah, yeah.

But he does it.

He does it great every time I just enjoy watching I enjoy it though because I enjoy it, literally entertaining it.

Doesn't at this point.

I just feel like it.

Doesn't matter anything.

Queen now.

I see what they mean when they put in the comments.

Anything queen, is great.


True, and this is probably like our fifth song that we've done from queen and it's, just like every single song that we do to them due to them.

It just gets better and better.

Yeah, yeah.

So if y'all enjoyed this video, be sure you give us a big thumbs up like comment and subscribe hit that notification bell.

So you don't, miss any videos from asia.

And bj, and if ain't nobody told you, I love you and we're gonna see y'all in the next video.

Yeah, better believe it.



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