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Think, struggle, stumble and worry. Otherwise, it’s not genuine.

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Openings and endings

  • Opening 2 "Pseudo-Spring". The lyrics of the song picture a person whose way of living through logic and ideals is eventually not enough to pull them through life and the person eventually wishes to change and find something genuine. Sounds familiar?
  • Ending 2 "Everyday world" has some of the most recurring characters of the series simply having fun. Even Yukino and Hachiman are smiling at half and at the end of the song respectively.

Season 1

  • Episode 1: Hachiman gets a homemade cookie from Yui for his help. Despite the cookie's dubious taste, he still eats it as an acknowledgement of her gratitude. What makes this even better is when we later learn that the person Yui was baking those cookies for was Hachiman all along. What a sweet ending.
  • Episode 2: Hachiman sees Yumiko alienating Yui and tries to stop himself from helping her because he's not that kind of person. It doesn't work and he tries to stand up for her but Yumiko scares him away with a mere Death Glare. Eventually, Yui ends up being saved by Yukino instead yet Yui still thanks Hachiman for trying to defend her.
  • Episode 4: Hachiman's solution to the stalking messages. If the cause is that the suspects don't get along with each other because they all want to be closer to Hayato, then, the solution should be getting Hayato out of the picture for enough time to allow them to get along without the need of having Hayato around. It works and it gives birth to the Comic Trio, as well as making Hayato give Hachiman more consideration and respect.
  • Episode 5:
    • Saki's love for her family.
    • Komachi's story about her running away from home for experiencing Parental Abandonment and later being found by her big brother.
  • Episode 6:
    • Yukino going extra mile to congratulate Yui with her birthday, and solving the club members' differences in the process.
    • Sable's attachment to Hachiman. Considering he saved Sable from an accident prior the events of the series, it's really cute how the little dog hasn't forgotten about him.
  • Episode 11:
    • Both Yui and Hachiman pay a visit to a sick Yukino and, basically, say that if she doesn't want to rely on strangers, she can rely on them instead.

      Yukino: "Well, it might be hard for me now, but one day I'll definitely rely on you. So, thank you."

    • Yukino's timid parting wave to Hachiman. Besides being really adorable, it shows how much she opened up to people in general and to Hachiman in particular.
  • Episode 12: One of the few moments where Hiratsuka isn't abusing Hachiman. After he ruins his reputation by verbally tearing into Sagami, she reminds him that his twisted attempts to help others shouldn't mean that he should always sacrifice himself.
  • Episode 13: "Good job there", "The rest is up to you", "Hikki, do you best" and a couple of casual high-fives. All service club's trust and friendship in three phrases and two gestures.
  • OVA:
    • Yui's turn during the cooking test. Played for Laughs but nonetheless sweet. Yoshiteru doesn't judge the food's appearance and eats it without hesitation while Hachiman does the same to prevent Saika from being the next one because he's worried about him. And although his reasons weren't exactly related to Yui, she's still very touched when he finishes the whole dish.
    • Komachi explaining that if she were to fall in love with someone, she'll like that person to be as honest, loyal and serious as her brother is with her.
    • Hachiman calming his sister down after Hiratsuka scares her with a Death Glare.

Season 2/Zoku

  • Episode 1:
    • No one likes Hachiman as his gambit in the first season saw to that, so when Hayato brings Tobe to ask a favor of the Service Club, he tells them that he doesn't want to talk about it around Hachiman. Yui grits her teeth, holding back her anger as Yukino politely orders them to leave. Hachiman thinks she means him and gets up, but Yukino tells him to sit down and clarifies that she meant for Tobe and Hayato to leave. She then berates the two of them for their attitude because that is not how they should ask someone for a favor. It's a nice re-affirmation that even though Yui and Yukino tease Hachiman a lot, they've still got his back when someone really slights him.
    • Ditto near the end of the episode:

      Yukino: "Bye. Good night. And... um... Thank you for walking me back.

      • It's the little things, like this scene, that truly show just how much the Service Club members have grown to love and trust each other.
  • Episode 5:
    • At the start of the episode, Hachiman patches things up with Komachi. The heart-to-heart sibling talk that ensues is pretty uplifting.
    • Seeing Hachiman in a troubled state, Yoshiteru approaches him and offers to hear his problems out. Hachiman tries to turn Yoshiteru down, but Yoshiteru insists otherwise, as Hachiman listened to him all the time before. Yoshiteru says he's "reaching out to the weak", and while Hachiman says "Idiot. Don't say stuff that's actually cool.", he smiles at the end.
    • Yui giving Hachiman a literal Pet the Dog by caressing his messy hair and remarking how hard he worked to protect the Service Club. And even though Hachiman tries to act completely indifferent to her attempts, this only causes her to try harder to show her appreciation.
  • Episode 7:
    • Hachiman having a soft spot for Iroha. He might excuse himself by calling it his responsibility but it's hard to take that as the whole truth when he immediately reacts to her exhausted image and tries to do everything he can to make things easier for her.
    • No one agrees with Hachiman's methods and what he has done for others at the cost of his own image to the point even Hachiman is doubting himself. No one but Saika who admires Hachiman's resolve and prefers to appreciate the good things that he has done and the sacrifices he has made along the way to ensure everyone else is happy. Then he tells Hachiman that if at one point he feels troubled with himself, he's there for Hachiman.
    • Kaori's change of heart. Half of her role during the season was making fun of Hachiman in front of everyone. But when Iroha asks Kaori about her previous relationship with Hachiman, who looks clearly uncomfortable, Kaori decides to dodge the question and it surprises Hachiman so much he's left stunned.
    • Similarly, Yukino's actions at the end of the episode. She admits that for all her talk, she's not the paragon she thought she was, and she wasn't being fair to Hachiman. She can see he's staying in the club mainly because he cares about her and Yui, and she tells him he doesn't need to worry about them, and he's free to go if he wants. She'll understand. Coming from such a proud person and one who often gave him a lot of crap, it really says something about how kind she is, and how much she really does care about him.
  • Episode 8:
    • Hiratsuka-sensei's lecture about everyone making mistakes and miscalculations to Hachiman on the bridge, which doubles as another moment where they have a genuine conversation and he isn't being abused nor snarking at her. Despite all the crap she puts him through, this shows that she truly does care and understands him. The best part is when she complains about not finding a husband due to her own miscalculations, Hachiman blurts out that it's really because the guys she knows have lousy taste, causing her to blush. Even better? He meant it. He says that if he were ten years older, he would have fallen in love with her.
    • Hachiman's breakdown. Hachiman admits that his methods don't really solve anything and have strained his relationships with the few friends he's managed to make: Yui and Yukino. Actually weeping in regret, he admits that he wants to understand others and their emotions, however he finds it completely selfish and conceited of himself to do so because it's out of a desire to stop being in the dark - not out of a desire to actually help people. Yet, what he says afterwards firmly establishes that he actually does care about Yui and Yukino, and he wants to make a true stand at friendship with the both of them.

      Hachiman: (To Yui and Yukino, on the verge of tears) I want...something genuine.

  • Episode 10
    • Iroha explaining to Hachiman that he was the reason why she confessed to Hayama and how it also serves as an explanation of Hayama's statement at the beginning of the episode.

      Hayama: (To Hachiman) You're incredible. Just like that, you can change those around you.

    • And in the same scene, this Wham Line that knocks off Hachiman even more about Iroha wanting something genuine, too.

      Iroha: Senpai, it's your fault this happened to me, you know.

      Hachiman: (blushing) Well, the student council president thing is, but the rest...

      Iroha: (whispering in his ear) You'd better take responsibility. (Hachiman blushed even more than before)

    • Hachiman giving Rumi the leading role on their play as a way to help her to come out of her shell.
    • Saki acting like a Doting Parent for her little sister.
  • Episode 11:
    • Yumiko, of all people, gets Character Development and reveals her Hidden Depths. Her conversation with the Service Club shows that her feelings for Hayato are not just a crush. She wants to learn more about him so she can be able to understand him and the thought of being separated from him once they finish high school scares her so much it brings her to tears.
    • The PV after credits features a funny conversation between Yumiko and The Service Club. This is the same girl who hates Yukino and dislikes Hachiman. It shows that if she actually tried, the three of them could get along just fine.
    • Hachiman and Saika having a Friendship Moment where the latter expresses that he probably doesn't look very reliable. Hachiman counters that this is not truth at all and Foreshadowing when the time comes, he'll rely on Saika.
    • Those 20 secondsMy Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected / Heartwarming - TV Tropes (2), which is arguably even better in the novels, where Hachiman describes the scene first hand. His often bland, concise and exact descriptions give way to a beautiful, almost romantic, picture of Yukino.

      Hachiman: (internally) "Her exposed skin that was as white as a blanket of snow. Her wet, damp black pupils. Her long eyelashes that momentarily shook with a blink. The finely shaped bridge of her nose. The smiling shape of her mouth along with the escaping of breaths."

    • Yukino and Hayama getting along for the first time the entire series. Whatever happened in the past, it sure is in in the past.

Season 3/Max

  • Season 3's ending song centers on Yui and Yukino standing next to each other, the atmosphere tense and the vibes ominous. It eventually cuts to them wearing schoolgirl uniforms with Yui hugging Yukino in an apparent flashback, then cuts back to the girls standing next to each other again. Then they start holding hands and smiling at each other, symbolizing their Undying Loyalty for each other, even in the face of an emotionally exhaustive Love Triangle, and also Foreshadowing how they stay as friends even after Hachiman makes his final choice.
  • Yukino's very reluctant to talk about her past, but Yui touching her hand eased Yukino into it, and as she starts explaining her backstory, Yukino starts holding Yui's hand as a sign of trust.
  • After explaining just how lost she feels because of her family situation, Yukino finally gives her request: "I want the two of you to be there with me to the very end."
  • Komachi thanking Hachiman for raising her when their parents never could. It moves them both to tears.
  • In Episode 3, Komachi hugs Hachiman after revealing she's now joining his alma mater, Sobu High School. When Yui arrives to congratulate her, the reality of Yui being Komachi's senpai sinks in, Komachi cries Tears of Joy and immediately hugs her. (Of course, Hachiman doesn't let it go without notice that she cried harder with Yui than with him, but it doesn't detract from the moment one bit.)
    • In the same scene, Saki's younger brother Taishi gives her an entrance application packet, and as she reads it, she realizes he's also joining Sobu High School just like his Cool Big Sis.
  • Having a few in the past season, in this one Iroha makes a lot of Ship Tease with Hachiman, at the point of being like an inch of giving him a kiss and keeps whispering teasing words in his ear. Alluding to Hachiman's Big Brother Instinct on her, Iroha's Arc Words in this season are "I'm not your sister."
  • Shizuka and Hachiman have a serious discussion about how to proceed with his relationship with Yukino in episode 5, with him asking what would happen to Shizuka if things don't pan out with Iroha's prom idea for the graduation party. Shizuka brushes it off, saying she can just get another job or try her hand out in marrying someone, but reminds herself she has no potential boyfriend candidates, let alone prospective future husbands. Hachiman says she has no reason to worry about that, and Shizuka immediately asks if he's gonna take her hand in marriage. He of course says no, not because he has feelings for Yukino, but because he thinks she'd be "wasting" herself on someone like him.
  • While otherwise a literal Tear Jerker, Yui's mom consoling her after being rejected by Hachiman is a very nice contrast to Yukino's much colder relationship with her mom.
  • To break the spell Haruno has placed on Hachiman's mind by labeling his relationship with Yukino and Yui as a "codependency," Hiratsuka-sensei takes Hachiman with her to hang out and talk things through. To help Hachiman understand that his feelings are much deeper and more meaningful than can be summed up in a simple word, Hiratsuka-sensei illustrates her point with a pen and paper, writing down her thoughts and feelings towards him. Rather than enumerate everything she wrote to him one by one, she shades out the rest of the paper, but leaves out some blank spaces that spell out スキ ("like" in Japanese Katakana), saying that all of that was to say that she likes him. She continues by assuring Hachiman he doesn't need to confine his feelings to a certain number of words; if words failed, his actions could make the difference, and he could say and do as much as he needed to in order to convey his feelings.
  • Hachiman's characteristically long-winded but undeniably sincere Love Confession (without actually using the word). A proposal would be the only way to accurately describe it, as he lays bare his reasons for continuing to get involved with Yukino, how he never wants to stop "distorting" her life, and ultimately says he would gladly give her his entire life if she would have him. She calls him out on selling himself short yet again... but finally accepts him — all of him.
  • Everything about Episode 12.
    • The long-established image of the Service Club from its inception has been Hachiman and Yukino sitting across from each other on a table that covers almost the full width of the classroom they are in. Once they've officially gotten together, they now sit in the middle of the table beside one another.
    • The very beginning has Hachiman and Yukino returning to their old Service Club room, even though it had been disbanded, as they decide to solve a problem together. But they soon look over at Yui's empty chair, and immediately agree to get her involved. They still see her as a dear friend and they refuse to let her go even with the Love Triangle being fresh on their minds.
    • Hachiman and Yukino being an awkward yet adorable Official Couple in all but name, to the point where all the guys already know and tacitly give their support. Even Saika confirms this out loud while all the guys are hanging out in a sauna, to save Hachiman the awkwardness of putting a name to his relationship.
    • When Hachiman and Yukino gather people to help them do an unofficial, non-sponsored prom party, everyone joins in to help, including Iroha, Yui, Hayato, Hina, Saki, Tobe, and Yumiko, alongside Zaimokuza, Totsuka, Sagami's younger brother and his best friend, and the rest of Iroha's student council cabinet.
    • After Hachiman gets out of the sauna, he sees Iroha, Yui, and Yukino all sitting at a bench nearby, and as he approaches them, an exhausted Yukino leans her head on Yui's shoulder, a sign of how much she trusts her Best Friend to the very end. Yui, who later admits she still finds it awkward to be the third wheel, simply smiles at Yukino and leans her head in closer to her too.
    • Seeing Komachi wearing the same uniform as the rest of the cast, Yui instantly hugs her and introduces her to Iroha, who becomes fast friends with her, Snark-to-Snark Combat and all.
    • Hiratsuka-sensei saving one last dance for Hachiman. While they're swaying together, she missteps on Hachiman's foot and he falls on his back, with her almost falling on top of him. After they recover, they talk for a bit before she stands up first and reaches out for his hand. He ignores it and stands on his own, but before she could pull her hand back, he takes her hand and shakes it, properly bidding her farewell. Before she walks away, she turns back to him and recalls one of his first lines in the novels, "Normies should all die!" to which Hachiman just laughs and says "That's so dated, like 10 years old already" (which actually is how long it had been between the first novel and the end of the anime).
    • Yui realizing that Iroha is in the same boat as her, having unrequited feelings for a guy who she's still friends with (although in Yui's case, friends with both him and best friends with his girlfriend) despite Iroha proclaiming otherwise, and she admits it makes her feel better to know that other people relate to her situation.
    • Komachi and Iroha reviving the Service Club with Hachiman and Yukino, and just like the first episode, Yui arriving at the scene with a request of her own: to be friends with Yukino forever.note Yukino immediately and readily accepts, with Iroha and Komachi grinning proudly as Hachiman does a Title Drop.
  • The post-series OVA gives Yukino's rivals a bit more of a spotlight even after she's officially with Hachiman. Yui is even brazen enough to take Hachiman out on a date, and the two of them go to the same aquarium they went to in the previous winter with Yukino. While Yui understands that his heart is with Yukino, she's still confident enough to tell him she likes him despite that.
    • Yukino shares a box of chocolates with Yui and Iroha. Yukino opens one of the chocolates, and while she's distracted, Yui sneaks in a bite, saying if Yukino's not careful, she'll take away what's hers. Later, Hachiman gets his own, but then Iroha takes a bite out of his, saying that the sweetest ones are those taken from somebody else. While the entire thing obviously spells trouble for the new couple, it also shows that there's ultimately no malice behind their feelings, and all have the courage to be honest with each other.

Alternative Title(s): Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

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