The Genuine Cost of Oregairu's Biggest Lie (2023)


Looking at Hikigaya Hachiman's mind set, and the cost of human connection. An Analysis of what Hachiman truly means by seeking the real genuine thing, how that looks to others and why many people in Oregairu aren't willing to put down their walls. Seeking the genuine things, and realizing his relationship with Yui and Yukino.

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So please use my link in the description to at least browse around I'm, sure that they'll have some anime that you like available for stupid cheap happy, 4th of July and I hope that you enjoy this video that's, just how interactions play out that's, just how people are always hiding their true feelings and acting advantageous Lee at the cost of connecting some of them don't, even know how to let their walls down.

Their facade has become so entangled with their real selves that they have.

No doubt started to lose something special in this sort of protest fusion something original.

Well that wouldn't happen to me.

No, of course, not I.

First watched, autoguider snafu or my teen love romantic comedy at a perfect time in my life.

Just after the second season had been released coming up on the first semester of my senior year of high school I had this thing going my first two years in high school, where I kept group jumping getting new clothes, identifying myself by new interests and hobbies and trying to find my own public identity in school, whether being a skater or a prep I always seemed to be able to adapt to these groups I was in.

But while I felt like I was still myself and never felt like I was standing in the right place or presenting myself to others properly, autoguider centers on high kagaya hajiman, an extremely cynical discontent, high schooler who looks around at his fellow classmates and thinks that he see them as who they truly deep down are Hotch.

Amon is essentially obsessed with the Japanese idea of Hana and puffin mine.

This is basically the agreeable social dynamic, where Tata my is the public face that you wear around strangers and casual people in order to be very politically, correct inoffensive.

And for lack of a better word, fake the horn a on the other hand are your true.

Feelings or your private mind that are normally only shown to your very close family and close friends.

This closely mimics the idea of having a facade, but is more extreme as it is somewhat positively enforced by society in Japan in the concern of avoiding public conflict, or what is seen as undue friction between public groups and people as a community, whether this be co-workers or on trains and stores and more essentially Hachiman looks around.

And all he can see is fake people people unwilling to open up out of fear of becoming socially outcast or losing their positioning.

And this is something that's somewhat global be nice to the right people make the right calls and actions, elevate yourself don't, let anyone in and you will succeed.

But as much as Hachiman wants to be the heartless cynical, don't care person, the loner, it becomes apparent immediately that this loner cynical aggressiveness in a way is his own facade to protect himself from further hurt that he's experienced earlier in life.

He starts the series saving a dog from an oncoming car and continues to involve himself in others issues.

Slowly building a group of people who can open up to him and rely on him pretending all the while that he's not affected as he really is until finally, he reaches a breaking point.

He realizes that the world he was so scared of the disingenuous manipulative, shallow hollow relationships.

Being scoffed at had been bypassed.

And he had actually been presented with a genuine opportunity to form the bonds that he had always desired.

This isn't, the conclusion of auto guider.

However, just the first turn as hajiman puts some of his walls down and allows himself to connect and appreciated by others on a genuine pure level.

He realizes how badly he doesn't want it to disappear and sink through his fingers.

This materializes in the group he's in the service club.

The club shared with you Cano and Yui are the characters that Hachiman, perhaps feels the closest to outside of his little sister and I think that the romantic dynamic, the three find themselves in is mainly made interesting by the genuine yearning that Hachi Minh has it gives him reason to be afraid, a fearful second guessing, questioning instead of being a stick-in-the-mud or being painfully unaware like another protagonist might be.

It makes him painfully aware of how his actions could potentially know how his actions will lead someone to be hurt and sad, regardless of how things go forward or what decision he does or does not take this is where you can, oh says something that actually is the main message of my first video nearly three years ago.

And once again, is why or decatur who came at such a good time in my life stop trying to make sure nobody else gets hurt considering other? People is good, yes.

And you shouldn't, try to hurt people, but part of forming that genuine bond that connection with others that Hachi mon-sol wants is accepting that full truth means real pain, happiness and sadness don't exist in voids they're meters for each other balances.

Leveling each other out different sides of the same equation, it's a conflict.

So baseline human that while I understand that some people could feel overly drained or not enjoy or denied ur.

It hits home to me and I.

Imagine so many other people as a fundamental theme and yearning it's part of what makes me human.

And it drives so many other people in their regular lives as well for myself I've been asked to make a video on Auto guider for at least the better half of two years.

And it has never felt quite right to me I like to balance the aspects, the themes and different things that I relate to media.

The media itself extrapolate from them and pull good messages that I think they do have.

But while I would consider myself to be a very different person from Haim on to much of it strikes far too close to home, I, wouldn't say that I'm too cynical or judgy over all, but I do disengage from social situations.

A lot try not to stand out and I justify that by doing something genuinely good like bettering myself, but I know that well that isn't a bad thing it is just my brain stepping in for me.

This guy talks about psychiatry, a lot refers to something called the ahum gar and how it coincides with Freud and Jung depiction of the ego.

I don't really know what the UM whatever is, but the way that he describes it is basically when you face, adversity insecurity or fear, your ego will step in and rationalize the thing that you wanted away until you no longer desire it for an example that is extremely easy to explain if you were to ask somebody out and get rejected, you might start thinking to yourself, well, they had this problem with them in that problem.

And they weren't really that good-looking anyways and I didn't, really like him, and your brain might actually be right? Maybe it was not a good move to try and pursue them after all.

They weren't a good fit for you, but it doesn't change.

The fact that in that moment, at least you wanted whoever they were it's a coping mechanism that is protecting your ego.

We do this all of the time as people to avoid shame, embarrassment and inferiority.

So even though Hotch Eamon's, rationalizations are often correct and actually help many of the people around him in their lives.

They come from a deep-seated cowardice, the danger to his ego, not being desired used and wanted just like elementary and middle school had drilled into him it's.

One thing that makes the dynamic in order guy to one worth investing in for myself and many others.

And that genuine relationship the effort of seeking after it.

The reason everyone keeps their masks on it's more so than just social repercussion it's, a fear that they will realize that they aren't who they ever wanted to be the cost of human connection is the vulnerability.

The chance that you will have to take a closer look at yourself, and that in the end, you might not like what you're seeing I've talked about this plenty of times and I touched on it at the beginning of the script.

But I've always bounced between friend groups never had too much of an issue fitting in.

And regardless of this I've always felt incredibly alone, I held an Officer position in my college, co-ed fraternity, but I never felt like I could or even that I was allowed to really know many of the people on a genuine level.

I never disclosed.

My interest in anime and I barely discussed video games, despite always being important parts of life for me.

I started this channel as an outlet from that a way to form connections and be myself without having to worry about the image of me in real life, getting obscured.

But over time, I stopped wanting to put effort into that fake mask of myself, and slowly started just detaching and dumping more and more into this meme.

But finally, I'm going to have to take that very last hard.


And soon everyone in my personal life, growing up, my family, my friends through school they'll, see it too if I go through with this 100,000 subscriber face reveal for me.

This will symbolize the true self.

Finally, emerging to my real life, family and friends and I'm scared of that I've always sought genuine relationships.

But have always had walls keeping me at a safe distance.

So I could normally ask embarrassing questions without feeling like I was getting hurt, but I feel like I.

Finally have the maturity to face this new chapter in my life, one that will finally represent the truest me to everyone that's, always what Oda guy who has represented to me so I hope that you will all continue to comment, donate share and support.

However, high.

And however, far this goes, if you want a more detailed, look at specific events characters and things in order guy, doe, I recommend jiffy's video and we'll link it at the end card of this video.

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So come by and see all the surprises with me.

Finally, with that I will see you soon.


What does hachiman mean by genuine? ›

Hachiman doesn't state exactly what he means by 'genuine', but one could safely say that it means Hachiman wants a relationship with someone honest, state 'real' things, and don't “play pretend”. My new friend here agrees that a relationship has to be like that. Honest, genuine, you named it.

What is the anime I hate nice girls quote? ›

Quotes. Hikigaya, Hachiman : I hate nice girls. Just by exchanging greetings with them will get them on your mind. Start texting each other, and your heart will be set a flutter.

Will Oregairu have a Season 4? ›

All available material from the novels has already been adapted into the show unless the author wishes to continue there will be no further seasons.

Who is Hachiman Hikigaya's love interest? ›

After a bit of an awkward yet heartfelt conversation, Yukino asks Hachiman to give her his life, and the two become a de-facto couple.. Thenceforth, they refer to each other as partners, and Yukino directly confesses her feelings to Hachiman at the conclusion of the prom that they organized.

Why did Hachiman say he is the biggest liar? ›

4) So, why is Hachiman the biggest liar? Two reasons. First, he lied to protect things he doesn't care for, rather than things he did. Second, he lied by saying he doesn't have things he cares about, while he obviously does – unlike others, he's also lying to himself.

Who is smarter Hikigaya or Yukino? ›

Hachiman is quite academically gifted. He ranks 3rd in Japanese behind Hayama (2nd) and Yukino (1st).

What is the most famous line in anime? ›

Anime Quotes About Life
  • “The world isn't perfect. ...
  • “To know sorrow is not terrifying. ...
  • “We are all like fireworks: We climb, we shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart. ...
  • “Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! ...
  • “Fear is not evil. ...
  • “Whatever you lose, you'll find it again.
Apr 11, 2021

Why Japanese anime girls are cute? ›

Cute and attractive female characters are often used as a way to draw in viewers and keep them engaged in the story. Also, to create a contrast between the cute and innocent appearance of the female characters and the often dark and serious themes of many anime.

Why are anime girls so cute? ›

Anime girls are known for its beauty and unpredictable charm. The reason why they are far better compared to actual real people is that their characteristics, personalities, hobbies, and appearances are based on a person's imagination making them a perfect and ideal character.

Is snafu a harem? ›

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is a high school club room comedy anime. Despite the title, it is not a harem anime; the main character only deals with a love triangle.

Who does Yui Yuigahama end up with? ›

As a result, Yui and Hachiman rebuild their relationship with no secrets while it's clear that Yui's feelings for him have further developed.

Who did Hikigaya end up with? ›

In a very rare romantic scene, Hikigaya steps up and confesses to Yukino that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that she means everything to him. Admittingly, Yukino hugs Hikigaya and asks him to never let go of her. Followed up by that, Yukino finally tells Hikigaya "I love you."

Was Hachiman evil? ›

Despite his misanthropic traits, Hachiman is a well-intentioned, helpful and good person underneath it all, and very selfless.

Does Saki have a crush on Hachiman? ›

She may have developed feelings for him which can be noted from her behavior later in the series. She is either nervous or shy when crossing paths or talking to Hachiman. Saki would avert her eyes as soon as their eyes met, indicating shyness and sometimes she was shown to blush.

What is Hachiman the god of? ›

Hachiman, (Japanese: Eight Banners) one of the most popular Shintō deities of Japan; the patron deity of the Minamoto clan and of warriors in general; often referred to as the god of war.

Is Hikigaya manipulative? ›

Hikigaya Hachiman is the main protagonist of OreGairu. The anime falls into the romance-comedy category, so it is quite baffling to see a manipulative character like Hachiman. At the beginning of the series, Hachiman was a loner with almost no friends.

Who was the girl that rejected Hachiman? ›

Kaori Orimoto (折本 かおり Orimoto Kaori) is Hachiman Hikigaya's former classmate from middle school who is currently a student at Kaihin Sougou High School. Her rejection of Hachiman left a scar in his psyche which is mentioned throughout the Light novels and anime.

Can Hachiman get drunk? ›

He can drink all he wants but can never get drunk and stop his true nature.

Why does Hikigaya hate himself? ›

As they walk away, Hachiman ends with a soliloquy explaining that he hates himself for believing his own forced perspective/idea of Yukino, who is "always truthful", because just like any ordinary person, she too can lie.

Who is the villain in Oregairu? ›

Hachiman was introduced as someone who thought negatively of people and the world, leading to people like Yui and Yukino, and fans, thinking negatively of his outlook and personality. However, Oregairu later revealed an unknown piece of Hachiman's history, revealing a deeper layer.

Why did Hikigaya cry? ›

All Hachiman ever wanted in his life was a "real" relationship where no one is pretending and everyone is honest with each other. So he breaks down while telling this to them and starts crying.

Who is the number 1 anime character in the world? ›

Goku is undoubtedly the most famous anime character ever. He has served as the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series for 32 years and has kept the show running with his wit, charms, innocence, and power.

Who is number 1 in anime? ›

1. Attack on Titan (2013–2023)

What is the most number 1 anime? ›

1 Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z.

Who is the cutest anime in the world? ›

The best cute anime series
  • 1) Clannad.
  • 2) Toradora!
  • 3) His and Her Circumstances.
  • 4) Kimi ni Todoke.
  • 7) 5 Centimeters Per Second.
  • 8) The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.
  • 11) My Little Monster.
  • 13) To Love Ru.
Aug 28, 2016

Why do anime girls blush? ›

Emotional Iconography

Embarassment Blushing is a common way of showing embarassment or romantic feelings in any culture. In anime and manga, however, various forms of blushes are used liberally to signify almost every grade of feeling.

What is it called when you like anime girls? ›

Otaku (Japanese: おたく, オタク, or ヲタク) is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests, particularly in anime, manga, video games, or computers.

Why do anime boys look feminine? ›

Because they're bishonens and they're meant to be seen as attractive. A bishonen is the Japanese version of a pretty boy and it's also ideal in certain other Asian cultures as well. One distinguishable feature about the bishonen is that they look feminine usually because of their faces and sometimes their limbs.

Is SNAFU an appropriate word? ›

Though snafu is perfectly acceptable, there are some other words that work just fine. These words mean the same thing and you can interchange them with snafu in conversation.

Why is it called SNAFU? ›

Etymology. The term was born during the Second World War as an acronym of the initials of the words situation normal, all fucked up, which summed up the chaos and confusion of the war from an individual soldier's point of view.

Who is the pink hair girl in SNAFU? ›

Yui Yuigahama (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU capitalizes on its characterization, and Yui is a prime example of this.

Does Yui have a child? ›

In Ruki's Brute ending in DARK FATE, Yui and Shin have a son called Adam.

Is Yui pregnant? ›

Today, YUI revealed some important updates about her personal life on her band FLOWER FLOWER's official blog. She is is now married and pregnant.

How many kids does Yui have? ›

Mystical Pregnancy: Yui has 22 children under her care, all who were forceably conceived on the last night of the Blood Moon and are all different ages. Parental Abandonment: Seiji disowned Yui before the events of the story due to believing she was possessed by a demon.

Does Shizuka love Hachiman? ›

Shizuka cares a lot for Hachiman. As his teacher/adviser/counselor she appears to really care about his well-being, enough to force him into joining the Service Club. They have a common interest in manga and light novels, they even go shopping together for Christmas mentioned in Drama C.D 6.5/Volume 6.5 Bonus Track.

What is Yui's wish? ›

Yui expresses her wishes to hang out with Yukino after the prom- to go to Disneyland, to Seaworld, and to have sleep overs. The purpose of this moment was for Yui to tell Yukino that she loves her a lot (as a friend) and she wants their friendship to remain no matter who gets Hikki in the end.

Why does Hikigaya look different? ›

Hachiman Hikigaya is MAL's #14 most popular character, but his appearance changed rather drastically between seasons due to a change in studio.

Who hit Hachiman? ›

While there he meets Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama who eventually befriend him. Unknown to Hachiman, they were the other students involved in the car accident on the first day of school. He learns that the dog he saved belonged to Yui, and Yukino was in the car that hit Hachiman.

How powerful is Hachiman? ›

He is famously credited with sending the kamikaze or 'divine wind' which twice dispersed the invading fleets of Mongol ruler Kublai Khan in the 13th century CE. This assistance earned Hachiman the title of 'Protector of Japan'.

How tall is Yukino Yukinoshita? ›

Approximately 170mm (6.69 inches) in height.

What is the English name for Oregairu? ›

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected (Japanese: やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。, Hepburn: Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru), abbreviated as Oregairu (俺ガイル) and Hamachi (はまち), and also known as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, is a Japanese light novel series written by Wataru Watari and illustrated by ...

Does Iroha love Hachiman? ›

Different from others, Iroha respects Hachiman and is very fond of him and calls him "senpai" in a somewhat playful manner. Despite her ways of keeping her image with others, she is shown to have no qualms about being seen with him in public even though he is an outcast in their school.

Is snafu completed? ›

It is the third and final season of the series, which began airing in 2013 with a second season in 2015. After realizing the perceived superficiality of their club and relationships, Hachiman Hikigaya, Yukino Yukinoshita, and Yui Yuigahama confront their genuine thoughts and feelings about their situation - and each ...

Who is Japan's main god? ›

The Sun Goddess Amaterasu is considered Shinto's most important kami. Some prominent rocks are worshiped as kami. In contrast to many monotheistic religions, Shinto does not have absolutes.

What does Hachiman hate? ›

Quotes. Hikigaya, Hachiman : I hate nice girls. Just by exchanging greetings with them will get them on your mind.

Is Totsuka Oregairu a boy or girl? ›

Hachiman sometimes "forgets" that Totsuka is a boy. He has short, light grey/silver hair, large, sparkling blue eyes, and light skin tone. He is seen wearing his gym uniform throughout most of the series, often accompanied by his tennis racket, a towel around his neck or both.

What is Hachiman Hikigaya catchphrase? ›

Hikigaya Hachiman Quotes

Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many. working hard alone doesn't assure you that you'll achieve your dreams. actually there are more cases where you don't. even so, working hard and achieving something is some consolation at least.

What is the real thing that Hachiman wants? ›

to my understanding, what hachiman wants is a relationship where you don't need a reason or considers others to act. but when you sacrifice those and go for these 'genuine' thing, it means you will act upon your selfish wishes.

Is Hachiman manipulative? ›

Hikigaya Hachiman is the main protagonist of OreGairu. The anime falls into the romance-comedy category, so it is quite baffling to see a manipulative character like Hachiman. At the beginning of the series, Hachiman was a loner with almost no friends.

Is this genuine meaning? ›

: not pretended : sincere, honest.

What is Hikigaya's best quote? ›

Best Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes
  • “ I'm not highly aware. ...
  • “ Expecting others to read your mind is delusional.” — ...
  • “ School trips are simply a simulation of adult social life.” — ...
  • “ Forcing yourself to like something you don't like brings sorrow.” — ...
  • “ ...
  • “ ...
  • “ ...
Mar 7, 2023

Why is Hikigaya called 8man? ›

Hachiman has a nickname from fans called 8man, since the "hachi" in his given name means eight.

Did the teacher like Hachiman? ›

Shizuka cares a lot for Hachiman. As his teacher/adviser/counselor she appears to really care about his well-being, enough to force him into joining the Service Club. They have a common interest in manga and light novels, they even go shopping together for Christmas mentioned in Drama C.D 6.5/Volume 6.5 Bonus Track.

Does Hachiman have a crush on saika? ›

Hachiman often has 'romantic thoughts' about Saika, and quickly stops himself after reminding himself that Saika is a male. Although sometimes he stops to think if that's really an issue or not but eventually snaps out of it.

Is Hachiman an anti hero? ›

Hachiman's overall arc tends to fall in the territory of an anti-role model. He's portrayed as overly cynical, with harsh methods that are eventually shown to not work in contrast to Yukino, who is portrayed as having the correct methods but little time to execute them.

Who is the god of manipulation in anime? ›

Izaya Orihara enjoys causing chaos and stirring up trouble for his own amusement. He's always been a master of manipulation and is not afraid to use people as pawns to achieve his goals.

What is the opposite of genuine? ›

Geniune means authentic or real. Therefore, its antonym would be artificial or false, which means, fake.

Am I genuine or fake? ›

The key difference is sincerity. Fake people may act nice, but they just do it to get something or manipulate. Their words may sound wonderful, but they're just saying it to butter you up or get something. Genuine people don't try to manipulate people and if they say something they mean it.

How am I genuine? ›

Genuine people know who they are. They are confident enough to be comfortable in their own skin. They are firmly grounded in reality, and they're truly present in each moment because they're not trying to figure out someone else's agenda or worrying about their own. What other qualities do you see in genuine people?

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